Shopping in Japantown

San Francisco’s Japantown offers a wide array of goods for those seeking out an interesting treasure or just looking to browse. It offers shopping by way of: antiques and art, fashion, and gifts and merchandise.

Regarding art, Japantown has a very fine establishment known as the International Art Gallery. This small art gallery features many different types of art, ranging from modern to very ancient, reflecting Japan’s varied cultural past and legacy. The gallery specializes in wood block prints and paintings. It is open every day from 12pm to 6pm.

Japantown features many fashion forward and stylish boutiques, which is very characteristic of Japan itself. The most known and visited are the Amiko Boutique and the Boutique Harajuku. Amiko Boutique offers fare similar to what you would find in other United States stores, jewelry, hair accessories, time pieces, and gifts for special occasions. Boutique Harajuku, however, is similar to a store that you would find in Japan. It is a very forward looking store featuring the latest fashions and styles and assures that it can add flair and beauty to anyone who graces its doors. It features clothing, hats and jewelry. The Amiko Boutique is open every day from 11am to 7pm and the Boutique Harajuku is open Monday through Saturday, 11:30am to 8pm and Sunday, Noon to 6pm.

Along with fashion forward style and sophistication, Japantown also offers a wide array of gifts and novelty items. There are stores that contain beautiful flowers, books, cds and videos. But, Akabanaa, a unique store, offers much more to the passerby. This store contains many items imported from Japan, such as cookies, authentic music cds from Japan, and beautiful clothing. Asakichi offers something different. It contains beautiful art and antiques for the sophisticated shopper looking to add spice to their living arrangement.

Of course, there is much more to visit and experience that what is listed here. There is a vast array of shops that offer up quality products and delicious treats. All it takes is some walking around and you will run into something that will be sure to delight your senses.

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