Getting Around Japantown

San Francisco's Japan Town is located about two miles south of Fisherman's Wharf. As a result, travelers can easily use San Francisco's efficient bus and light rail systems to travel around the area quite well.

Here are a few tips that can help travelers efficiently use San Francisco's public transportation system to get around Japan Town.

If you have never been to Japan Town, try to catch the bus at stops which are located beside landmarks that are located near Japan Town. This will help you if you should get lost because many of the buses that serve Japan Town make stops near several important nearby area landmarks.

For example, the most popular bus stops near Japan Town include a stop at 944 Stockton Street in China Town. There is also a bus stop located in front of the Coit Tower on 1 Telegraph Hill Boulevard that heads east towards AT&T Park. In addition, travelers who still can't find their way should consider finding the stop located near Union Square on the intersection of Hayes and Steiner Streets. This stop features several maps and timetables which can help travelers get back on track.

Finally, there are several bus routes that make stops at these locations. Here is a partial listing of bus routes that make stops in Japan Town:

  • Route 5 (Fulton-Ocean Beach)
  • Route 21(Hayes)
  • Route 30 (Stockton)
  • Route 31(Balboa)
  • Route 88 (Balboa Park Station)

Finally, if you'd like to use San Francisco's BART light rail to travel to other area attractions, be sure to look for the three BART stations which are located along Market Street about 8-10 blocks east of Japan Town. These stops are located at the intersection of Market & Powell Streets, the intersection of Market and Montgomery Streets and in front of the San Francisco Civic Center on 1150 Market Street.

These stations serve as stops for BART's Green, Red, Yellow and Blue Lines. Trains make stops at these stations about every 15 minutes each day. They also include convenient ticket machines and general information which is quite useful for travelers who are using the BART system for the first time.

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